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Understanding Our Clients Business, Current Projects and Expectations is the “Mission”

Boss provides skilled labor resources from all craft trades to facilitate your construction Projects

Our staff will work directly with you in selecting the appropriate craft personnel to complete your construction tasks

Services Provided by BOSS


BOSS Welding Workforce Solutions
BOSS Certified Welders
BOSSStick, Tig, Mig, Flux-Core
BOSS Qualifies and Certifies
BOSS Union and Non-Union

BOSSSpecialty Welding Personnel
BOSSStandard & Specialty Metals
BOSSFull PWHT Services
BOSSFull Machining & Fabrication
BOSSFull QC Inspection Services

BOSS – Skilled Certified Craft
BOSS – All Construction Trades
BOSS – National and International
BOSS – All Work Shifts
BOSS – Union and Non-Union

Image of construction Technical Services

BOSS – Project Scheduling
BOSS – Administration Services
BOSS – Field Supervision
BOSS – QC-Inspections
BOSS – Site Safety Services

BOSS – Planning & Consulting
BOSS – Scheduling Tasks
BOSS – Staffing Trade Personnel
BOSS – Emergency Response Team
BOSS – Union and Non-Union

BOSS – Erection & Supervision
BOSS – Rigging & Lifting
BOSS – Scheduling
BOSS – Staffing of Craft Personnel
BOSS – Testing & Turn-over


BOSS – Delivering Access Solutions
BOSS – Emergency Services
BOSS – Inspection Services
BOSS – Welding Services
BOSS – Safety Services

BOSS  – Industrial Power
BOSS  – Industrial Petro-Chemical
BOSS  – Industrial LNG
BOSS  – Industrial Steel
BOSS  – Industrial Crackers

Image of Quality Control Inspections

BOSS  – PWHT Services
BOSS  – Field Inspections
BOSS  – Inspections Reports
BOSS  – Weld Mapping Services
BOSS  – Welder Testing Services

BOSS – Assembly & Setup
BOSS – Disassembly & Removal
BOSS – Equipment Operators
BOSS – Phased Inspections
BOSS – Turn-Over Support

BOSS – Field Supervision
BOSS – Manpower Staffing
BOSS – Phased Inspections
BOSS – Project Scheduling
BOSS – Testing & Turn-Over

BOSS – Consultation
BOSS – Inspection
BOSS – Analysis Report
BOSS – Cause & Effect
BOSS – Emergency Response Team