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BOSS offers a wide range of labor services, at Boss our staff will help you design a labor program that supports your project needs, Boss will customize your workforce to minimize costs and maximize production

BOSS is your labor employment specialist

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At BOSS we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of craft personnel, We know that your clients have scheduled completion dates and our mission is to see that you reach those goals. We are the team you need, we know the ins and outs of employee management, the economic impact of government labor laws, healthcare rules & regulations, federal tax codes, company benefits and the financial burdens that are constantly changing and revising the way YOU do business.

At BOSS we reduce your overhead expenses such as administration costs, accountants, HR programs, testing, training, inspections, payroll, background search, drug testing, healthcare, life insurance, workman’s compensation, legal fees, the bottom line is our staffing programs save you costs. Our staffing programs provided you with greater economic choices for YOU to operate a profitable business

Each of BOSS PM’s are committed to helping you design and deliver a business employment package that supports your construction project. We will review with you the construction tasks and then determine the best personnel qualified to accomplish those tasks in a timely and efficiently manor.

At BOSS we have the tools, the skills, the knowledge, the experience and the desire to deliver you with personnel that will accomplish your goals. Our first-time customers continually become our long term customers, time and time again, choosing us for all their labor and employment needs.

Call BOSS today, and see why our successful “Labor Management Plans” are all about cost savings  “Labor Programs”