Center Line Construction Services

Boss specializes in the concrete preparation and steel erection typically associated with equipment installations.

Concrete projects that range from one to over 1,000 cubic yards in a single pour. Our Poured and Placed Concrete Services include:

• Layout, Forming and Shoring
• Sole Plate and Anchor Setting
• Embed Fabrications and Installation
• Precision Grouting
• Reinforcing Steel
• Concrete Placing and Finishing
• Concrete Demolition
• Saw Cutting and Excavation
• New Foundation Installations
• Elevated Slab
• Superstructure Concrete
• QA/QC Inspections

Structural Steel

Equipment associated steel framing and structures. Our steel installation services include:
• Equipment Associated Steel Erection
• Rigging, Transporting and Placement
• Anchor, Leveling and Precision Alignment
• Mechanical Completion
• Complex Equipment Installation

Assembly of Equipment associated tie-in connections

• Terminations of Electrical Power Connections
• Finial Connections of all Piping Connections
• Installation of Instruments & Controls
• Lubricate/Oil as Required