Boss Maintenance Outage Services and 24/7 Support

Scheduling Maintenance Outages are an inconvenient necessity, and is more complicated then perceived, planning and scheduling is critical to maximizing maintenance activities in the minimal amount of down time possible to support the successful operations of the facility, until the next scheduled Outage

Scheduled Outages although planned, requires strict control over the duration, as prolong activities will negatively affect the economics of the facility to minimize the potential negative impacts of an Outage Boss can provide assistance in maintenance inspections, evaluations, scheduling, material resources, manpower, equipment, and the coordinating of all maintenance activities and/or provide the selective craft personnel to support your efforts

Boss also can support you unplanned outages (Emergency Services)

System Failures can cause severe economic damage, Boss can mobilize personnel within 24hrs to evaluate and assess required construction tasks, materials, manpower, equipment and scheduling to put your facility back online, or if your needs are just skilled craft personnel we can have them on your site within 24 hours

Industrialize Solutions for Industrial Services

We specialize in both Maintenance Services and Emergency Services

  • Skilled Craft Personnel (All Disciplines)
  • 24/7 Repair Services (Emergency Response Team)
  • Facility Upgrades
  • Modifications/Expansions
  • Management/Planning/Scheduling
  • Equipment Inspections
  • QC NDE/NDT Services
  • Ultrasonics – Magnetic Particle – Liquid Penetrate – Electromagnetic – Radiographic – Magnetic Flux – Hardness – Positive Material ID – Guided Wave – Ground Penetration – and more.