Our Mission Statement

BOSS Labor Group

Backs every construction project with skilled personnel providing “Quality & Quantity”. Utilizing our expertise and state-of-the-art resources, we’ll support your job from ground breaking through commissioning.

BOSS Labor Group

Services includes full time or part time support staffing for Construction Management, Administration, Subcontracts, Constructability Reviews, Scheduling, Billing, Safety Programs, Monitoring Productivity, Welding, Craft Personnel, which will save your project substantial revenue and a successfully completed job, on time – and on budget.

Success Is Built On

  • Experience as a Turnaround Contractor
  • Predictable Schedules and Cost Forecasting
  • Excellent Construction Management
  • Excellent Construction Execution Techniques
  • Minimize Cost and Down Time Project Initiatives
  • Expert In-House Rigging & Transportation Team
  • Up-Front Constructability and Engineering Reviews
  • Highly Experience Construction Personnel
  • Professional Material Control Programs
  • Professional Implementation Safety Program
  • Detail Control of Construction Schedule
  • Predicting and Avoiding Delays
  • Optimizing the use of Project Funds
  • Coordinating Labor & Equipment Scheduling

BOSS Labor Group

Has the experience and qualifications to help execute projects at a competitive level. You will find that we have the in-depth construction knowledge and experience to complete your project on time, on budget and with the safety and quality in mind.

Set-up your project review meeting “NOW” with Boss Labor Group for the finest in total construction labor management.

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