BOSS Remote Access Division provides skilled technicians that are capable of safely reaching the most difficult to access locations.

Our skilled technicians can conduct the following services:

  • Damage Evaluations (Assessments & Root Cause Analyses)
  • Demolition (Structural, Piping, Equipment)
  • Rigging, Hoisting, Setting, Securing, Stabilizing Loads
  • Construction Inspection (QA/QC Certified)
  • Construction Welding (Certified Stick, Tig, Mig,)
  • Remote Testing (PT, MT, VT, UT, ET, PMI)
  • Component Installation (Valves, Instruments, Insulation)
  • Equipment Maintenance Repairs
  • Structural Maintenance Repairs
  • Exterior & Interior Chemical Cleaning & Restoration
  • Access to Confined Spaces and High Remote Structures
  • Industrial Emergencies

BOSS has the ability to access those areas you see as inaccessible, or too costly to access with scaffolding or ground equipment,  we provide extreme methods for extreme circumstances, which will have immediate impacts your project scheduling and budget providing cost effective savings.

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