BOSS Incident Investigation Group of Engineers

BOSS Investigation & Consulting Group of Engineers are used to  provide industry investigation expertise support for:

  • Catastrophic Events
  • Major Accidents or Minor Incidents
  • Engineering Expertise
  • Regulatory Interface
  • Implementation Support
  • Insurance Companies
  • Industrial Customers and/or Clients
  • Documentation for Potential Litigation
  • Solving Outstanding Chronic Issue (s)
    • Third Party Expertise Review
    • Vendor Material and/or Equipment Support
    • Preventative Maintenance Investigations
    • Cause and Effect Summaries
    • HAZOP Reviews
    • Preventive Recurrence Procedures
    • Evidence Management (Physical/Photos/Data)
    • Detailed Technical Analysis

    Our experts provide a comprehensive response to the incident – from simplistic to complex. We customize our investigation team to your specific event or needs.

    We provide 24/7 consulting availability, time is of the essence!!!